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Most of you just want to start studying. Can you afford to use your time worrying about which resources to use, how to prepare, how to study most effectively?  We are sure the answer is, we try and make it simple for you.  The end.

America Invents Act (AIA) Incorporated Materials: For those who aren't aware, On January 24th, 2014, the Patent Bar Exam underwent major changes reflecting the passage of the AIA.  It's essential that any test-taker looking to pass the exam have access to materials that explain the AIA changes, how they affect and are different from previous rules and regulations, and on top of this, have access to practice questions.  We've build our study materials to reflect and incorporate these changes (UP-TO-DATE for the October Changes), and as a PRO member, you'll have access to:

Online Interface: We like trees.  We don’t like paper cuts.  That’s why we’ve built our entire studying platform around the power of the web.  All of our resources and material are available online (and for download), 24/7. Say goodbye to forgetting your notes at home.  As long as you have an internet connection, you have unlimited studying potential.  Don’t want to have the laptop open?  Not to sweat, all of our material is in readily downloadable.  You don't have to worry about clunky programs or installing software on your computer (or every computer you'll need, for that matter).  As we like to say around here, welcome to the 21st century of studying.


Iphone/Android:  We know most of you have smartphones/tablets.  We know most of you use a computer daily.  We also know (because we’re just like you) that we often study on the go, when we can, where we can, in the midst of a busy life.  That’s why we decided to make our site app friendly.  You can leave your stack of flashcards at home.  All you’ll need to study will be right in the palm of your hand, whenever you need or want to study.



Exam Centered Study Guides:  All of us needed some basic summaries of the MPEP when we started to study for the exam, and a lot of help about how to approach studying.  So we’ve put together some simple, easy to understand studying guidelines, to provide you with easily accessible materials.  We want you to avoid feeling overwhelmed by thinking you have to know everything.  That’s why we don’t send you a 500 page summary document to read.  If that’s your method of studying, well, we do make those types of resources available you as well! In general we’ll guide you along without having to read chapter after chapter of the MPEP.


Wysebridge Question Frequency “QF” Report:  We’re really excited about this novel resource, and we’re the only ones that has this powerful tool for you (YUP!  IT'S A FIRST OF ITS KIND).  Dynamic and organic, the “Question Frequency” report is a month by month reporting of which questions have been seen on the Patent Bar Exam, and how often per month as well.  At your fingertips, you’ll be able to immediately see questions which have been asked on exams in the past month…or past year.  This not only includes old exam questions, but “new” questions that have been determined to be on more recent exams.  You’ll be able to see trends.   You’ll see which questions have never been asked since 2003. And more than that, using some "clever thinking" on our part, the QF will continue to grow and expand, providing you with more and more information about which questions to study as you prepare for the exam.  

Wysebridge Interactive Exam Question Preparation: We believe that one of the best ways to study for this exam is well, by studying exam questions.  Practicing how to read, understand, and answering questions is perhaps the biggest skill you’ll need to have in order to pass.  That’s why we’ve created our OWN, unique, study simulators.  What we haven’t done, is spent our time trying to “mimic” the feel of the test.  Those programs are already out there (here’s a link to the Prometric's sample…see for yourself =).  What we did do, is invest our time and energy into maximize your options for studying:


The “Bridge” Dashboard:  We’ve created a main hub for you to immediately see detailed information about your studying patterns, progress, and history.  Here you’ll be able to see reports of which chapters you’ve either mastered or are still struggling with, and, you’ll be able to see every question you’ve taken, and how often you’ve answered the right or wrong answer (How’s that for detail)?  From this information, we’ll tailor your study tips, specific studying plans, and each time you login, you’ll be reminded of specific questions to review, and we’ll suggest some areas to study. 


Forums:  We believe (and are certain) that many of you will have questions along the way…and that’s OK!  We’ve built a unique Wysebridge Forum  to allow you to share in your studying and get insight from others, including ourselves!  



Personalized Help:  We will help you to study to the best of our ability, every step of the way, as you study.  We want to help you pass the exam.  That’s why we make ourselves available to you, 24/7, be it to ask detailed questions or to just have someone tell you “you can do this.”



Hotline Help: We make ourselves available to you, so you can ask us anytime, anywhere, right up till you take and pass the exam to answer your questions.