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>>My name is Bryan Doreian and I am responsible for the 

operations, management and oversight of all projects

here at WYSEBRIDGEApart from that some people say

I am pretty good at data analysis and organization.






I was born outside of Philadelphia some thirty odd years ago and first got involved in the patent field subsequent to my PhD research.  It all kicked off after leaving the benchtop while looking to utilize the years of my academic training in other areas.  Not willing to spend a few thousand dollars on study materials, I began to analyze what the patent bar exam was specifically testing. 

A few months later, after a lot of coffee and tea, and much head scratching, I found that the years of learning how to find, process, and organize information was coming in rather handy, and started to study the materials I had created and dig deeper into the data I had gathered.  As I began to tutor some other individuals preparing to take the exam who were extremely frustrated with forcing to choose between ridiculously expensive study materials or cheaper but subpar resources, I realized that there was a large need for personalized, specific, and smart study materials, that were not being met by the current market. A wiser approach needed to be offered at a price people could afford.  








My working life summarized…

Undergraduate Studies and Endeavors

Before starting this whole process, I had spent four years, starting in 2001, training and learning how to see a problem and find a maximally efficient solution.  Yup, I’m an engineer, and with that came hours and hours of learning how to study and tear apart complex problems in order to find the best way to answer the problem. 

Double Majors: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Double Minors: Math and Biology

Doctoral Studies

In 2005, I moved to Cleveland, OH to begin my doctoral studies in Cellular and Molecular Biophysics.  As typical for a doctoral student, many hours were spent studying, investigating, pondering, researching, the outer fringes of information in order to attempt to make sense of what was being observed.  5 years later, I moved further on into medical research.  After 2+ years and the conclusion of that phase of research, I turned my sights onto the Patent Bar Exam.


After sucessfully tutoring several individuals to pass the exam using my own study resources I had developed, it was no longer a question that a new view of study materials needed to be offered to help individuals pass the exam.  I was confident that by assembling the right team, we would be able to further develop the resources I had created to meet these demands.  Now it was time to build it into a functioning company...and thus Wysebridge Patent Bar Review was created.