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Patent Bar Exam Dates & Scheduling Tips.

The registration examination is presently administered in two formats and in two venues:  computer-based (at online testing centers) and paper-based (at the USPTO in Alexandria, VA).

Computerized Exam

The current patent bar exam is offered (via computer) year round at Thompson Prometric testing centers. The exam must be scheduled in advance appointment.  Most of Prometric’s testing centers are open during business hours, and a few of the larger centers have weekend and night hours.

Paper-Based Exam

The USPTO paper-based registration examination is offered once a fiscal year at a date and location that is specified and announced before examination applications under that venue are accepted.

Majority of exam takers opt for the computerized version

Average Passing Rate (USPTO Published Numbers)
Average Passing Rate (Wysebridge)

Knowing when to schedule your exam can help reduce your stress.

USPTO Considerations

The way the timing works at the USPTO is this:

Prometric Testing Sites & Scheduling

The location of Prometric test sites and Prometric test delivery policies are available at the Prometric web site. Prometric also provides a toll free number for USPTO registration examination applicants (800-479-6369).

Remember: Prometric test sites offer a myriad of exams (not just the USPTO registration exam).  Be sure to check availability of exam “seats” in advance to ensure you are able to take the exam the day you prefer.

A Simple Roadmap To Plan Your Exam

Are you planning on taking the exam in <90 days?


  • Submit Your Application to the USPTO ASAP
  • Enroll in Wysebridge PRO
  • Study
  • Take The Patent Bar Exam (& Pass)
  • Celebrate.


  • Enroll in Wysebridge PRO
  • Begin Your Studies
    • When approximate time to desired test date is ~90 days away
      • Submit Your Application to the USPTO
      • Continue Your Studies
      • Take The Patent Bar Exam (& Pass)
  • Celebrate.

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