WYSE (adj.): Having common sense
BRIDGE (noun): A means to overcome an obstacle

Our Passion For Being Useful (And Personable) Is Built Into Our Services

We’re different.  But then again, so are you and so are your studying needs compared to others needs.  Wysebridge was built and designed from day one to grow as a platform to meet your needs. Our materials, methodologies, and practices are under consistent evaluation (and your data platform uptime is phenomenal), so you’ll know you have the materials when you need. We’re continually improving based upon feedback and our predictive analysis of the exam to deliver the most comprehensive and efficient patent bar studying platform on the market.

Our philosophy…

Be yourself…and believe in yourself.  You have an abundance of talents and gifts, but for some reason this exam tends to instill an unwarranted sense of fear and doubt.   We believe that only by being yourself (and for us, ourselves…quirky, energetic, passionate, and data geeks), can we truly make a difference and help.  If we aren’t true to who we are, all of this just becomes “another” study program.  We strive for more…to provide resources, study guides, etc…but to also provide a framework for your continued success.  Being different is a wonderful thing.  And it’s the differences that matters.  Sometimes it’s small..like the difference between passing and failing is only one question.  Sometimes it’s large…like the difference between a personal conversation with a friend vs an automated call center.  But at the end of the day, difference matters.

Web Development

With both in house and partners working continually on our platform, we are ensuring we continue to bring you the best platform possible to aid your studying.

Outstanding Support

From email, phone, forums, and now live chat, our support of our users is leading the pack.  From basic studying questions to in depth rule inquiries, we are here to help.

Robust Content

We continually refine our materials to include any rule changes, update (and create) exam questions for the current law, ensuring that you are best prepared for you exam day.

Online Platform

Wysebridge is the modern day studying platform.  As the first solely online patent bar study program, we are pioneering how individuals study for this ever changing exam.

Data Geeks

Data drives insights, which is how we’ve built our system.  From real time feedback, statistical reporting of testing results, and a whole lot more under the hood, you are getting a platform built on data.

Community Based

Many of our alumni stay engaged. and have begun to support each other’s endeavors.  We’ve added some veteran IP professionals to the mix, all designed to not just help you pass the exam, but continue to help you succeed post exam.

A little Bit About Us

Wysebridge came to be through community.  At the time (in 2011-early 2012) when some of us were studying for the exam, we were frustrated over:

  1. The high cost of every study program out there

  2. The lack of personal attention

  3. The inability to get guidance

  4. The archaic study programs being used (shipping CD’s)?

This led to an initial complete dissection of the patent bar exam.  We realized that every program that was on the market did not adequately prepare individuals to pass.  They were either too simplistic in their approaches and missed a lot of crucial nuances of the exam or they were to content heavy (some courses actually stated they wanted to ensure you were an expert in patent law)?!  Worse yet, many of these programs were charging a small fortune (and still do)!


Talk about insanity.  This exam is nothing more than what it said it was:  A BAR.  Get enough questions right, and you pass.  The exam doesn’t measure your knowledge.  It doesn’t prove your worth.  It’s a “simple” multiple choice exam.  Period.


Starting from there, we began to apply best learning practices as we refined our materials, laying out a course (for ourselves) to study. We quickly realized that to pass this exam, you need part knowledge, part skill, a healthy dose of confidence and a supportive community to keep you going when you feel completely frustrated. We began to tutor and share the materials we were developing with peers like yourself as they were in the same boat: fed up and frustrated with the current landscape of review materials.


As more and more individuals passed using our system, we realized we had a method that worked, a team of individuals who loved to help others, and a willingness to lay it on the line so anyone could use the program affordably.  Thus, Wysebridge was born from a desire to help…to help ourselves pass, and to help our friends and colleagues pass, in a less stressful, more efficient manner.  We combined our post AIA studies with insights from IP experts and CLO’s, added our love of data and analysis and built a studying community entirely online to accommodate the emerging generation of patent bar exam takers.

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Bryan and the Wysebridge team have done an excellent job of selecting and condensing the material tested on the patent bar. This course teaches you exactly what you need in order to pass. I would not have passed the patent bar without Wysebridge's MPEP summaries, AIA material and sample questions. I recommend Wysebridge to anyone looking for a comprehensive, yet affordable patent bar course

Juan Miranda Associate at Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips

Motivation. These guys are highly motivated and have created something special in Wysebridge. That motivation extends not just the implementation of a great review course and study program that is dynamic and inventive and unlike any other study program, but to sending out updates in the patent industry, study tips, and a healthy dose of ... motivation. The patent bar requires a great deal of discipline and determination to surmount. Having completed it they understand this and are very supportive and encouraging to those completing the program and sitting for the exam.

Adam HoffmanPatent Attorney at Adam Hoffman PLLC

I am very happy to say that I passed the USPTO Registration Exam (i.e.the "Patent Bar") - on my first attempt!

Wysebridge Patent Bar Review is one of the most cost-effective preparatory courses currently on the market. Questions are up-to-date and accurately reflect the many minor changes to the exam on account of the AIA. Thanks again Wysebridge.

Navin Bora Patent Attorney at Lempia Summerfield Katz LLC
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We are Innovators.  We are IP minded. We are human.  We are Wysebridge.

Kyle Robertson

Kyle Robertson

Chief Intellectual Property Officer

Founder of iCare & NarrativeDX
Former Intellectual Property Attorney at WilmerHale
Former software developer at Digi International
Former C++ Engineer at National Instruments
Boston College Law School graduate
Iowa state graduate: Double major: Computer engineering & Economics

Bryan Doreian

Bryan Doreian


Founder and CEO - Wysebridge Patent Bar Review
Former Research Scientist: CWRU
Former Molecular Scientist: elan pharmaceuticals
Former Lab Technician: nanotechnologies
Doctorate in Biophysics - CWRU
BS Chemistry - Geneva
BS Chemical Engineering - Geneva

Art Dimitri

Art Dimitri

Chief Operating Officer

VP & Director - Innovation25
Former Corporate Vice President, IP Strategy: CA Technologies
Former VP Business Development: CA Technologies
Former Director Lab Services: Platinum Technologies
American Society of Inventors: Board Member

Alina Aghakhani

Alina Aghakhani

Director of Content & Patent Law Support

US Patent Attorney (licensed to practice in CA and before the USPTO)
Former Judicial Law Clerk – Patent Pilot Program (Central District of CA)
Former legal researcher on (1) patent pools and (2) recent SCOTUS IP activity
Former Patents & Compliance intern - USC Stevens Center for Innovation
JD – University of Southern California
BS Chemical Engineering, Philosophy Minor, & Certificate in Engineering Finance & Management – UCLA
Former Metabolic Engineering Researcher – UCLA Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Jerry Bulyk

Jerry Bulyk

IP Expert & Technical Advisor

Patent Consultant - JB&B Associates
Former Principal Engineer - Comcast
Former Patent Analyst - TechPats
Former Principal Engineer - NxtWave Communications / ATI Research
Former Principal Engineer - General Instrument / Motorola
Former Principal Member Technical Staff - Telesciences, Inc.
Former Software Engineer - Burroughs, Inc.
Registered US Patent Agent
MS Electrical Engineering - Drexel University
BS Electrical Engineering - Drexel University

Grace King

Grace King

IP Expert - Alumni Advisor

Associate at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Patent Pilot Program Judicial Extern | U.S. District Court, Central District of California
Former Software Automation Engineer - MeridianLink, Inc.
US Patent Attorney
JD - USC Gould School of Law
B.S., Electrical Engineering - University of California, Los Angeles

Uri Alexandrovitz

Uri Alexandrovitz

Lead eLearning Developer & Support

CEO & Co-Founder - Worldclass.io
Former CEO - One on One Test Preparation LTD
Former Test Prep. Teacher - Kidum
BS Psychology -Bar-Ilan University
BS Biology - Bar-Ilan University

You can pass this exam.  If you are struggling or need some quick advice…we’re here for you!

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