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Empowering your employees through passing the patent bar exam can boost your reputation, production, and impact.

Set Yourself Apart

How many employers realize that training qualified employees to think “IP-minded” can result in increased production and moral?  How much is it worth to be considered a distinguished employer by simply offering access to study resources for the USPTO patent bar exam?

Leverage Your Internal Talents

Having official patent agents/attorneys in house immediately creates an air of creative endeavor and worth – you the employer encouraging the skills and talents that already exists within your corporation. Sometimes this is all it takes to dramatically impact your corporate trajectory.

Build a solid foundation built on IP success by helping employees pass this exam.

No Extra School Needed

Your employees do not need to become attorneys before beginning a career in patent law. All that is required is a background (bachelors or equivalent) in a hard science that is approved by the USPTO.

USPTO Requirement

Patent agents/attorneys must take and pass the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) registration exam – also known as “The Patent Bar Exam.”  Patent agents perform a variety of the same functions as a patent attorney, albeit with a few limitations.

Room To Grow

With more of your workforce beginning to think in IP terms and how to leverage “common” internal practices and knowledge into patentable concepts, imagine the trajectory your company could take.

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Why 2000+ individuals love Wysebridge.

Wysebridge is Patent Bar Review, customer service, data-driven platform that is easy to engage, use, and succeed with.

Web Development

With both in house and partners working continually on our platform, we are ensuring we continue to bring you the best platform possible to aid your studying.

Outstanding Support

From email, phone, forums, and now live chat, our support of our users is leading the pack.  From basic studying questions to in depth rule inquiries, we are here to help.

Robust Content

We continually refine our materials to include any rule changes, update (and create) exam questions for the current law, ensuring that you are best prepared for you exam day.

Online Platform

Wysebridge is the modern day studying platform.  As the first solely online patent bar study program, we are pioneering how individuals study for this ever changing exam.

Data Geeks

Data drives insights, which is how we’ve built our system.  From real time feedback, statistical reporting of testing results, and a whole lot more under the hood, you are getting a platform built on data.

Community Based

Many of our alumni stay engaged. and have begun to support each other’s endeavors.  We’ve added some veteran IP professionals to the mix, all designed to not just help you pass the exam, but continue to help you succeed post exam.

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