The 2X Guarantee

Wysebridge's 2X -100% Guarantee. Who ever said there were no guarantees in life?

Wysebridge is here to help you succeed & feel secure.

Wysebridge is committed to providing unparalleled study resources, personal care, and the best program for the price.

The Best Possible Access Time: Unlimited!

(We’re better than the competition)

With Wysebridge, you will have unlimited access to materials, support, and resources…till you pass*. That’s right.  No time restrictions.  None of that 6-month access or 12-month restrictions that the competition puts on you.  With Wysebridge, once you enroll, you’ll have access.  Period.  Of course, yes…we will ask of you a few things (see below), but in general, if you aren’t sitting on the platform stealing resources or sharing your login with your friends or others, you’ll be fine.

100% guarantee to you

  1. We guarantee that you will have unlimited access to the resources and materials until you pass*; and
  2. We guarantee 100% of your money back if you take the exam and do not pass*.

Our continued guarantee to you:

  1. That upon your verification* of passing the Patent Bar Exam with Wysebridge your firstborn child will have access to Wysebridge PRO; and
  2.  You will have a lifetime membership to Wysebridge’s Alumni Club.

Wysebridge Passing Rate

Be confident without worrying about your study provider.

How can we be so trusting?


1) We know that all attorneys and folks entering the IP realms are honest. But seriously, we also know IP addresses and geolocations of access…so please don’t share your login with others.

2) We also know that a pre-requisite for this exam is Good Moral Character, and that prior to being registered all test takers have their names published for community feedback to provide evidence that would preclude receiving a registration number. Again, please use your judgment.  We really don’t want to have to alert authorities or the USPTO.

Access Guarantee Criteria


Access is granted till you pass. Seriously. But that said, once a year we will require that you provide proof of either:

  • Your attempt to take the exam and non pass; or
  • A major life event which precluded you from taking the exam; or
  • Another justifiable reason for not taking the exam during that 12 month time frame (up to the sole discretion of Wysebridge to determine if the event/reason qualifies to allow continued access to the platform).

Refund Guarantee Criteria

If you go through our course, complete and provide qualified answers to 1500 questions in accordance with the instructions set forth in the Wysebridge Patent Bar Review program and you take and fail the Patent Bar Exam (during the time that coincides with your use of our program), Wysebridge Patent Bar Review LLC agrees to refund 100% of your enrollment fee*.

  • You may choose to exercise your right of a refund by completing our post-bar survey and sending an official copy of your patent bar exam results within 30 days of the date on the notice of failure to Wysebridge Patent Bar Review LLC. In our system, questions that are answered in less than 8 seconds are not qualified answers and will not count toward the 1500 question threshold. Additionally, users must answer the minimum 1500 questions prior to the exam. Once the exam is taken, the question count is reset. The Wysebridge Team will verify the number of questions completed as recorded in our database. Wysebridge Patent Bar LLC is the sole determinate of the user’s compliance with the aforementioned requirements.
  • Successful completion of the Patent Bar Exam & Wysebridge’s post-bar survey entitles your first-born child to have access to Wysebridge PRO when the individual is qualified to sit & take the patent bar exam. Additionally, you will be granted lifetime membership to Wysebridge’s Alumni Club.

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