Provide legal education of the highest quality in the fields of intellectual property and information law to help prepare law students and lawyers for the challenges of practicing law in a nationally and internationally integrated economy.

Advance the development of intellectual property and information law by promoting and disseminating research by UH Law Center faculty and by sponsoring excellence in IP and IL scholarship by others.

Serve the Southwest and the Nation by providing an internationally recognized center for the exchange of ideas on intellectual property and information law.

Contribute to international cooperation among scholars and practitioners in these fields from all nations


In association with the Houston Intellectual Property Law Association (HIPLA), each Fall IPIL holds a major continuing legal education (CLE) event attracting several hundred intellectual property professionals from across Texas and the nation.  The proper title of this event is the Fall Institute on Intellectual Property, but it has historically been held in Galveston at the Moody Gardens resort.  Thus, around Houston and within HIPLA, it is often referred to as the Galveston event. The HIPLA web page for the event is here.

The University of Houston IPIL is one of the nation’s premiere (#8 ranked) IP law schools. With a longstanding track record recognized throughout the world for its faculty, scholarship, curriculum, and study, UH IPIL continues to bring a measure of excellence to the IP realms.  In 2016, Wysebridge Patent Bar Review became a proud partner of The University of Houston’s IPIL.  Through this partnership we are assisting IP law students who are interested in passing the patent bar exam and beginning to develop lecture series with the school.

The Final Result – A Partnership Designed To Raise The Bar of IP Excellence

We are proud to be partnered with The University of Houston to support and assist emerging IP law students grow and succeed!

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