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Wysebridge PRO. The Best Patent Bar Review at $799.


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  • 20% discount
  • Unlimited Access (No time restrictions on course access)
  • 1000+ MPEP Practice Problems
  • 2017 Updated MPEP Chapter Reviews
  • Free Apps (iOS/Android) to study on the go
  • Exam Simulators & Practice Questions
  • 24/7 Content Support
  • All Features


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Per Month

Access Wysebridge PRO on a Month To Month Basis.


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PRO: Monthly Plan

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*billed monthly

Need payment flexibility? 3, 6 and 12 month installment options available for Wysebridge PRO.

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Enterprise Solutions & Custom Plans.

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Plan Features.

Plan Limits
Users 1 1
Duration of access - Unlimited Access till you pass*
Technology & Accessibility
Online access (web)
Native mobile app (iOS)
Native mobile app (Android)
Study Content
MPEP: online & downloadable
MPEP: content & chapter summaries Limited
Post-AIA content summaries -
Must know content reviews -
Exam question types & searching tips -
Flashcards & quick memorization tips -
Study Features
Course outlines Limited
Pause, bookmark & resume within courses -
Statistics & course completion charts -
Achievement metrics -
Practice Content
MPEP Practice Problems Limited
Real USPTO Exam questions Limited
Post AIA exam questions -
Answer explanations and references to MPEP
Updated answers for previous USPTO exam questions -
Practice Features
Practice questions one by one -
Practice flashcards -
50q mock exam simulations -
Statics and data insights on practice results
Show answers during practice or at the end of a session
Review previous practice or exam sessions -
Help Center
Priority Support -
24/7 Email & chat support -
24/7 Priority phone support -
Patent Attorneys on staff
Patent Agents on staff
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Frequently asked questions.

How to get Started

Try Wysebridge’s features for free or until you’re ready to upgrade your account. You can also continue to use Wysebridge’s free resources at no charge with this plan.

How does the monthly plan work?

Wysebridge is glad to offer a month to month access plan. Access to paid materials will be granted with the first payment and remain open for 30 days. Access will continue as future payments are made. If payment is not made prior to the subsequent month, all access to paid materials will be closed.  Once paid access has been started, no refunds will be granted.

How do the Installment plans (3,6, or 12) work?

Wysebridge is glad to offer a 3,6, or 12 month installment plan. Access to paid materials will be granted with the first payment. Access will continue as future payments are made by the deadlines. Once paid access has been started, no refunds will be granted.

How do I take 20% off of the course cost?

Those who elect the single bill will receive a 20% discount. Access will continue until you pass*.

How do I enroll and activate my account?

When you’re ready to enroll and start your studies, simply click the “enroll now” button within the program or on the homepage.

Need a customized payment solution?

Contact us and we can see how we can package Wysebridge to best suit your needs.

What types of payment do you accept?

We process all our payments through PayPal’s payment gateway and currently accept:

  • All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc)and no PayPal account needed.
  • PayPal Transactions & credit

Is the Unlimited Access Plan Really Access Till I Pass?

The Best Possible Access Time: Unlimited!

(We’re better than the competition)

With Wysebridge, you will have unlimited access to materials, support, and resources…till you pass*. That’s right.  No time restrictions.  None of that 6-month access or 12-month restrictions that the competition puts on you.  With Wysebridge, once you enroll, you’ll have access.  Period.  Of course, yes…we will ask of you a few things (see below), but in general, if you aren’t sitting on the platform stealing resources or sharing your login with your friends or others, you’ll be fine.

Access is granted till you pass. Seriously. But that said, once a year we will require that you provide proof of either:

  • Your attempt to take the exam and non pass; or
  • A major life event which precluded you from taking the exam; or
  • Another justifiable reason for not taking the exam during that 12 month time frame (up to the sole discretion of Wysebridge to determine if the event/reason qualifies to allow continued access to the platform).

Does Wysebridge suit law firms and corporations?

Yes, Wysebridge can help your law firm and business improve productivity and significantly cut costs.  Find out how.

Any other questions?

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please see our full FAQ.