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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Wysebridge is proud to be able to offer Wysebridge PRO at this price level. We understand the cost associated with this exam and want to do everything we can to lessen the burden to allow you to focus on passing. Payments are processed via paypal (but you do not need a paypal account). This single billing plan is established as a one-time charge.  As a reminder, one of the pre-requisites for the USPTO patent bar exam is demonstrating good moral character so we fully trust that you will satisfy the terms of the enrollment.


Duration of Access (Time)

The Best Possible Access Time (We’re better than the competition)

With Wysebridge, you will have unlimited access to materials, support, and resources…till you pass*. How can we be so trusting?
1) We know that all attorneys and folks entering the IP realms are honest. But seriously, we also know IP addresses and geolocations of access…so please don’t share your login with others.
2) We also know that a pre-requisite for this exam is Good Moral Character and that prior to being registered all test takers have their names published for community feedback and to provide evidence that would preclude receiving a registration number. Again, please use your judgment.

* Access is granted till you pass. Seriously. But that said, once a year we will require that you provide proof of
a) that you attempted to take the exam and didn’t pass,
b) a major life event precluded you from taking the exam or
c) another justifiable reason for not taking the exam during that 12 month time frame (up to the sole discretion of Wysebridge to determine if the event/reason qualifies to allow continued access to the platform).