How to register for the Patent Bar Exam

Everything you need to register to take the Patent Bar Exam simplified by Wysebridge.

Registration Overview

The USPTO outlines all the information about applying for the Patent Bar Exam in the General Requirements Bulletin (GRB Bulletin).  The GRB is a long and comprehensive document.  While we suggest you take a look at the GRB for yourself, we’ve streamlined and clarify the requirements for you by breaking out each section and giving you an overview of specifically what you’ll need to include in your submission.

You can also visit the USPTO’s OED website HERE if you want to read the document for yourself on their site.  Once there, select “Examination Registration.”

Registration Requirements

You’ll need to gather a number of documents before you can send in your application.  Yes, this seems very obvious, but, please know that the USPTO can be very particular when it comes to submissions.  You want to make sure you have included all the required documents.

This is also extremely important if you are in a time crunch.


  • Determine if you are eligible to take the exam.
  • Determine if you have any possible moral character impediments.
  • Obtain official university transcripts and have sent to you directly.
    • If applying under Category B, obtain course descriptions.
  • Obtain other required documentation (for example, information upon which applicant relies to demonstrate qualifications to sit for the examination, evidence of permanent residence, or documents required in response to questions 15 through 22 of the GRB)
  • Complete form PTO-158 (Application).
    • If a prior USPTO employee, complete form PTO-275 (Undertaking form).
      • No individual who has served in the patent examining corps or elsewhere in the Office may practice before the Office after termination of his or her service, unless he or she signs a written undertaking form.
  • Complete form PTO-2038 (Credit Card Authorization Form)
    • Remember, you’ll need to pay both an application and exam registration fee. For pretty much most of you, that will be $100 (application fee) and $200 (Registration Fee) for a total of $300.
    • In the form, under “Other Fee,” write “Application and Registration Examination fees.”
  • Complete a Certificate of Mailing under 37 CFR 1.8 Form
    • This certificate should be in the envelope with the material and/or documents mailed.
  • Mail entire submission package to:
    • Mail Stop OED
      Director of the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office
      PO Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450.
    • For hand delivery or courier services, the applicant may obtain the street address for OED by calling 571-272-4097.

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Timing Considerations

Days to hear a reply from the USPTO after submitting application

Day window to take the exam from the receiving approval from the USPTO

hours (average) recommended studying time

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