Wysebridge delivers a flexible, focused, and robust platform engineered for your success.

The Wysebridge Learning Framework.


Providing you access to unparalleled resources and partner resources.

No individual studying platform or paradigm is perfect for every scenario. From content differences, variations in learning styles, types of delivery, they all play a role in the final outcome. The good news is this: We’ve taken the time to design and build our study materials and platform to optimize your learning capabilities as well as sought out partners with some of the best support resources with one goal: to best prepare you to pass the patent bar exam.

E-Learning Suite

A power-packed e-learning suite containing summary reviews, exams, practice portals, and various learning modules all laid out in sequential pillars (with the additional flexibility to study in any order you so chose).  You aren’t locked into a forced routine, but you also are guided (if you so chose) through a methodical course progression.

Enhanced Device Applications

Wysebridge delivers you with one of the most cutting edge tech platforms available for use online, on iOS or Android platforms, be it smart phones or tablets.  Take your studying anywhere with you.

The Hexa-C Metamodel (HCMm)

We’ve largely based the Wysebridge Patent Bar Review program on the Hexa-C Metamodel (HCMm), which is a learning theory foundation for the design and development of e-learning applications.
It is called “Hexa-C” because each of the six major components of the platform begin with the letter “C,” and “metamodel” is used because it is a skillful blend of various teaching, learning, and models of education theories.


This pertains to the blending of personal knowledge building and active learning. By presenting varying perspectives of a topic or subject provides a wide base of insight and memory “firing”…and when combined with various media and modes, covers the widest range possible for learning.

Wysebridge promotes participation…in the course material, online forums and chats…to help stimulate all learning senses.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning involves communal growth, with an emphasis on social development and input. It optimizes abilities and skills and often speeds up the learning process. By providing you access to immediate help through our chat platform and forums, natural discussions will help bolster your learning process.


By incorporating various aspects of learning styles, we’ve been able to consciously (and subconsciously) assist you in the learning process. Wysebridge has built in (and continues to develop) aspects that stimulate the cognitive process. Numbers research has shown that cognitive and emotional processing are interrelated.

Put another way, how you “feel” is as important as “what you learn” and influences how…and how WELL you learn. Thus, with Wysebridge, we not only seek to provide you materials, but we do so in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, simple, but also highly personal (from live chat to instructional forums) to bring a piece of mind unparalleled in other programs.

Furthermore, by providing you with a highly interactive platform that monitors your progress, and provides “accomplishment” awards, it reaffirms to you, the student, your growth (thus boosting your emotional mood and in turn, your positive learning ability).


Components are the basic “blocks” or parts. They are the knowledge, skill, methodology, and principals of learning that when combined together provide the medium of the program. A solid course will combine the most efficient and useful components in a manner that allows a user to comprehend and retain not only knowledge but, the skills necessary to pass.

Content is key. From facts, factoids, concepts, procedures, and principals…it’s crucial that you are presented a balance of content and that you learn from a variety of content types. Rely too heavily on learning facts, and you’ll not know how to actually take the exam. Skip over concepts, and you’ll be clueless as to the fundamentals and architecture of the MPEP.

Cognitive Learning 

Any learning program should support cognition and the development of internal memory and knowledge synapses…that together help develop relationships between concepts. When done properly, it helps retention and facilitates the transference of information across topics.

By developing analytical reasoning skills and abilities, one is able to more efficiently process new material and apply the matured deductive skills to solve problems.


A solid program provides you with the ability to be flexible and adapt to your learning. With Wysebridge, you are provided a means to study and learn at your own pace. Furthermore, you are able to customize and develop your own testing variables, all designed to give you control. In some ways, we have gotten as close to an individualized learning space as possible.

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