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10 reasons why more and more individuals are choosing Wysebridge over the competition.


Wysebridge is intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

More than just design (which btw, does impact your cognitive learning rate), Wysebridge’s modern interface is simple, easy to use, and designed for you.  You’ll have no problems quickly adapting to your learning ecosphere. It works on any internet browser, iPad, Smartphones (iOS/Andorid), Tablets, Mac or PC, and runs directly from your internet browser or a native app.


It’s quick and easy to get started with Wysebridge.

Whether you’d like to get going immediately, delay your studies, or have one of our experts help you get started, we’re here to help. Wysebridge is easy – from starting introductory materials to testing suites – no significant learning curve here. We can help you with charting out your study timetable or simply be your support system…it’s all up to you!


Wysebridge streamlines your studies and maximizes your time.

Wysebridge has delved into the research and analyzed the data to connect the dots about the exam, which in return for you increases efficiency, and gives you everything you need to be successful on this exam.
With Wysebridge you get access to a data driven online Patent Bar Review platform, live support, testing suites, content summaries and unparalleled customer support loyalty for a fraction of the cost of traditional Patent Bar Review systems. And because Wysbridge is cloud-based, you’ll always have immediate access to the latest features and updates.


Wysebridge helps you understand what to study.

Wysebridge takes the guesswork out of wondering “how well am I doing?” Understand which chapters and sections you are acing, and which ones you might need to spend more time reviewing.  Know your stats and keep track of your studies all the time.


Wysebridge delivers continual content upgrades.

Wysebridge cloud based platform makes it simple to rapidly assemble updated content.  With an ever changing exam based on continuously updated rules and regulations, staying up to date is paramount.  Wysebridge delivers these updates to you seamlessly.


You can rely on Wysebridge to work.

Wysebridge’s hosting and platform delivery infrastructure ensures the highest level of security. This is supported by outstanding networks, security. and surety. Put another way, your platform, resources, and learning will be available to you without having to worry.


You can rely on Wysebridge to work (again).

Wysebridge’s continual refinements, improvements, and feedback generated features results in a platform that well, works.  With a high pass rate, continual praise from the community and users, you can rely on Wysebridge to work in helping you pass the Patent Bar Exam.


Wysebridge is Personal.

We care.  We care about you, your success, and your journey.  We built a platform that we dreamed we could have had while we were studying.  One that was engaging, supportive (but not overbearing), understanding of the random freak outs and temporary doubts.  One that was human and provided well, that sense of “hey, these folks really care about me.” Yup….we do.


Wysebridge is here to help you succeed.

As a proud customer oriented platform, we are a company built on your success. We’re ready to help in your time zone with support spread out across the US. Or you can check out our help articles, tips and resources in our help desk.


Wysebridge will help you become a world-class IP professional.

Elevate your status and boost your potential by staying connected to the Wysebridge Alum – a growing community that will help give you the competitive edge in the market. Get the most out of Wysebridge even after you pass the exam with community support, job placement, career support, and more.

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